Medium rye flour, 1,8kg

Sector: Flour & Flour Mixes
Price: Contract Price
Packaging: Packed, 1,8 kg
Terms of Delivery: 100% prepayment, FCA (warehouse of the branch «Gomel Bread Products Plant») or DAF (border of the Republic of Belarus)
Full Product Information:
The branch «Gomel Bread Products Plant» of OJSC «Gomelkhleboprodukt» offers you medium rye flour, which is the result of the grinding process of rye grains.The color of peeled flour is grayish or grayish-creamy with inclusions of particles of grain shells. This product is used for baking healthy types of bread, cookies, cereals for dietary and baby food, crackers and much more. Rye products have a low calorie content and have a positive effect on health. Nutritionists advise daily to include in the diet bakery products made from peeled flour with a rich vitamin and mineral composition. Due to the rapid absorption, you can immediately drown out the feeling of hunger, which will help reduce the amount eaten. Nutritionists have proven the property of the variety to increase the body's defenses, increase the production of macrophages and antibodies. Shelf life 12 months from the date of production. Packing - 1.8 kg and 40 kg PP bags. The products can be shipped by rail, road and sea containers under FCA, DAF and other conditions in agreement with the buyer. Customs clearance is carried out at the expense of the exporter's enterprise.

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Nutrition value of 100 g of the product: protein - 8.9%, fat -1.8%, carbohydrates - 63.4%
Energy value - 1309.5 kJ / 313 kcal