Blast machines and spare parts to them

Sector: Ventilation Equipment
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1
Terms of Delivery: He agreed with the customer.
Full Product Information:
Blast machines and spare parts to them: ДН-8; ДН-9; ДН-10; ДН-11,2У; ДН-12,5; ДН-15; ДН-17; ДН-19; ДН-24х2; ГД-20/500; Д-13,5; Д-15,5; Д-18; Д-18х2; Д-20; Д-20х2; Д-21,5х2. Centrifugal boiler fans and spare parts to them: ВДН-8у, ВДН-9у; ВДН-10у; ВДН-11,2у; ВДН-12,5; ВДН-15у; ВДН-17; ВДН-18; ВДН-20; ВГД-15; ВГД-17; ВГДН-15; ВГДН-17. Running parts, soaking up pocked, shafts, guiding devices, bearings, rotor, driving wheels, impellers, scrolls to blast machines: Д-15,5х2; ВД-15,5; ВД-18; ВД-20; ДН-21; ВДН-24; ВДН-25; ВДН-26; ВДН-32Б; ВДН-28,6; ВМ-50/1000; ВГД-20; Д-300/400; Д-25х2; ВМ-100/1200; ВВСМ-3; ВВСМ-2. Spare parts to blast machine Д15,5х2; Д18х2; Д-20; Д20х2; Д21,5х2; Дн-19.

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