Technical fabrics

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The range of technical fabrics of JSC "Ruchaika" includes: - fabric backing for artificial leather, medical and table oilcloth (composition: polyester, polyester-cotton), - fabric backing for tents (composition: polyester) - fabric backing for general mechanical rubber goods (composition: polyester, polyester-cotton) - fabrics of heat-resistant synthetic fibers (composition: arselon) - carcass filter fabric (composition: polyester)

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We manufacture grey, bleached, uni-dyed and printed fabrics of different weight and width. They are presented by the following groups: - for bed linen (sheeting, poplin, sateen, jacquard sateen, flann...
Width: 150 cm Surface density: 150-200 g / m2.
The product is used in tire industry as reinforcing material for manufacturing pneumatic tires