Sector: Fabric
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: от 5.000 долларов США.
Terms of Delivery: FCA-Baranovichi (Belarus)
Full Product Information:
We manufacture grey, bleached, uni-dyed and printed fabrics of different weight / width and they are presented by the following groups: - for bed linen (sheeting, poplin, sateen, jacquard sateen, flannel, calico and ticking); - for table linen (cotton, cotton/linen, cotton/polyester); - for working clothes (cotton and blended); - for costumes and dresses (cotton and blended); - for handkerchiefs (100% cotton); - for medical purpose (bandages, gauze).

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OJSC "BCPI" sells pillows and duvets of different sizes with upper fabrics such as ticking/sheeting/sateen and filler like hollow fiber/sintepon.
OJSC "BCPI" manufactures bandages and gauze of different sizes and weight out of 100% cotton. To see our catalogue please visit our official website.
Terry towels and napkins are of two kinds: jacquard and dobby weave. Only 100% cotton yarn without any chemicals and synthetic addition is used for production. The products possess high water absorpti...