Sector: Fabrics
Price: Contract Price
Terms of Delivery: FCA-Baranovichi (Belarus)
Full Product Information:
We manufacture grey, bleached, uni-dyed and printed fabrics of different weight and width. They are presented by the following groups: - for bed linen (sheeting, poplin, sateen, jacquard sateen, flannel, calico and ticking); - for table linen (cotton, cotton/linen, cotton/polyester); - for working clothes (cotton and blended); - for costumes and dresses (cotton and blended); - for handkerchiefs (100% cotton); - for medical purpose (bandages, gauze).

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Technical fabrics are resistant to chemical and mechanical impact, do not break when bent, they are resistant to solar radiation and precipitation.
Width: 150 cm Surface density: 150-200 g / m2.
The product is used in tire industry as reinforcing material for manufacturing pneumatic tires