Sweet cream butter unsalted

Sector: Food & Beverage
Price: Contract Price
Packaging: In one box 15 kg, 75 packages.
Terms of Delivery: самовывоз/ доставка
Full Product Information:
Surface on the cut is shining, or slightly shiny, dry in appearance, are allowed on the surface of single droplets of moisture. A pronounced creamy flavor, with a taste of pasteurization, without foreign tastes and odors. Allowed enough expressed or unexpressed creamy flavor of pasteurization. The energy value of 660 kcal. In one masacare 15 kg, 75 packages. Shelf life: at t +4±2°C and 35 days at t -6±3°C 60 days, t -16±2°C in just 120 days. Storage at a relative air humidity - not more than 90%.

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