Cheese Oltercheese, 19%, 40%, 50%

Sector: Dairy Products
Price: Contract Price
Packaging: Cardboard box. Number in box: 24 PCs.
Terms of Delivery: самовывоз/ доставка
Full Product Information:
The maturing period of not less than 10 days. When forming embankment: the cut throughout the mass of cheese there is a picture consisting of wrong, angular and ramous form. In the formation of the reservoir: figure consists of a single round or oval. Taste and smell: moderately cheesy. The shelf life of 180 days with temperature from -4° to 0°C and a relative humidity of 85% to 90%, or at 0°C to +4°C and relative humidity from 80% to 85%. Energy value – 191 - 340 kcal. Average head weight: 310 gr. Number in box: 24 PCs.

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