Cheese Poshechonsky 45%

Sector: Dairy Products
Price: 4.9 USD
Packaging: Термоусадочный пакет, по 2 головы в транспортной таре 12-15 кг.
Terms of Delivery: На условиях самовывоза со склада.
Full Product Information:
Cheese "Poshechonsky" 45%, weight. This cheese belongs to the group of hard rennet cheeses with the low temperature of the second heating, produced from normalized pasteurized milk by its coagulation by milk-coagulating enzyme with subsequent processing and maturation within 45 days. Nutritive value of cheese is determined by high concentration of milk protein and fat, presence of the necessary free amino acids, carbonyl compounds, vitamins A1, B2, mineral salts and trace elements. Cheese has a moderately expressed cheese taste and aroma with a slightly spicy flavor and mild acidity, has a soft plastic, homogeneous consistence with an irregular pattern, consisting of eyes round or slightly flattened shape. Cheese is packed after salting and drying in a multilayer package with a label. Shelf life276 days.

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