Whey powder

Sector: Milk Powder & Substitutes
Price: 1.3 USD
Packaging: Бумажные мешки с мешками-вкладышами из полиэтилена 25 кг.
Terms of Delivery: FCA
Has Halal Certificate: Russia
Full Product Information:
Whey powder Structure of a product: cheese whey, received by rennet cheese production. Organoleptic parameters: Exterior : thindispersed powder. Taste and smell: saltish-sweet, typical for whey. Color: from white up to yellow. Physical and chemical parameters: Mass fraction of moisture, %, not more: 5,0 Acidity of the restored whey up to mass fraction of dry substances of 6.5 %, ˚Т, not more: 25 Index of solubility, sm3 of a crude sediment, not more: 0,6 Mass fraction of protein, %, not less: 12,0 Mass fraction of lactose, %,not less: 55,0 Packing : transport container in net weight not more than 25 kg. Paper bags not impregnated 4 and5- layered and bags-liners from polythene. Marks of production (the information on a label): name and grade of product; name and address of the enterprise (the legal address, the name of the country); trade mark of the enterprise; product ingredients; net weight of a product; number of a batch;date of production and expiry date ; conditions of storage; food value; recommendations on use; designation of the present ТУ; information on certification; stroke-code; handling instructions: «Protect from moisture », «Protect from solar beams ». Expiry date and conditions of storage: Expiry date: 6 months from the date of production. Conditions of storage: at temperature not above 20˚С and relative humidity of air not more than 80 % in a pure and well ventilated room. Direction of use: milk whey powder is intended for using in food production (baking pancakes, production of bakery and confectionery products, preparation of drinks, etc.).

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