Electromechanical heads

Sector: Machine tools components
Price: from 25800 to 51020 BYN
Minimum Order: 1
Terms of Delivery: FCA, DAP, CPT.
Full Product Information:
EMG heads are meant for tool mechanical clamp in spindles of milling, boring and others machine tools, lathe chucks jaws drive, footstock spindle transfer. Heads may be built-in as in new equipment, so while working machine tools modernization. Four head modifications are available: EMG 50 – rotating with pulling out stroke; EMG 51 – stationary with rotating out stroke; EMG 52 – rotating with rotating out stroke; EMG 53 – stationary with rotating out stroke. EMG 50 and EMG 52 heads are installed directly on the machine spindle by means of adapter flange and rotate jointly with it. Power supply realized via brushes. Maximum machine tool spindle speed of rotation 3200 min-1. Heads mentioned above are dynamically balanced. Maximum disbalance is 80 g·cm. EMG 51 and EMG 53 heads are stationary version of the head EMG 52. lectromechanical head 7921-0003 is meant for, mainly, for tool mechanical clamp in milling machine tools spindles, as well as it can be applied as a drive with one-way rotation output shaft, for reaching of operation unit low speed with maximum torque. In the head design there is automatic gear-box and electric motor disconnect with output driven shaft available, moreover head driven shaft after motor disconnection can rotate jointly with operation unit with rotation speed to 3000 min-1. Rotation direction of output driven shaft is a one-way (left) rotation. As agreed upon with the customer it’s possible manufacturing of heads with right-hand rotation, and also with less torque due to changing of springs number or spring wire diameter.

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