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Injection-moulding polymer composite material Grodnamid PA6-L-211/311

Sector: Substances & Materials
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 3 tons, FCA Grodno
Packaging: PET/ALU/PE bags with/without a degassing valve. Polyethylene bags with a valve. The valve is sealed with scotch film. The bags are stacked on a pallet with the following stretch-foiling. Bag weight: 30 kg net. Pallet weight: 960 kg / Bag weight: 25 k
Terms of Delivery: FCA, CFR, DAP.
Full Product Information:
Baseline injection moulding polymer composite material on the base of PA-6 with modifying additives that improve its injection properties: surface quality of moulded articles, filling of mould and easier demoulding of finished articles. Application: Used for injection molding of different parts in automotive, mechanical engineering, instrumentmaking, where fast processing is required, including production of thin-walled parts. Colour: By customer’s request it can be manufactured in pigmented version. Price: is formed in accordance with the situation in the markets of CIS, Europe, Asia. The enterprise takes into account the prices of competitors and other pricing factors such as the scope of supply, terms of payment, cost of delivery, customs duties, etc.

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