The muffler of exhaust system 457040-1201010, 457040-1201010-001

Sector: Spares, Consumables & Auto chemical goods
Price: Contract Price
Full Product Information:
The muffler of exhaust system with the improved characteristics of counterpressure and the raised level deaden noise, allowing to execute requirements of norms of Euro 3 and to provide requirements of Rules EEK UN № 51 on a level of external noise for cars MAZ 437040, MAZ-437041. Are intended for installation on cars of family MAZ 4370 with engines D - 245 Minsk motor factories and engines of firm "Dojc".The muffler can be established on other cars with engines of a similar class. Nomenclature Application Weight, kg. 457040 - 1201010 The vehicles MAZ - 4370 9,0 457040 – 1201010-001 9,0.

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