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Road roller is one of the main products of Amkodor holding. Amkodor-Pinsk CJSC and Amkodor-Mozha LLC produce rollers for soil and asphalt compaction. In road-building sphere the asphalt, soil and gravel compaction is the main operation which provides road reliability and durability. The company pays a lot of attention to comfortable conditions for operator’s work while meeting the sanitary standards. Modern finish, noise- and vibroproof materials, seats with all required regulations, anti-vibration damper provide comfort. According to noise and vibration rates all self-propelled road rollers fit prescribed characteristics. Standard series of 2,7 t is presented by vibrating double-drum rollers AMKODOR 6223B, 6223E and 6223C.These machines are used for compaction of different bases including asphalt coverings for small road constructions, compacting of sidewalks, bicycle paths, etc. The rollers are successfully used during repair work, pothole filling, compression of bases for playgrounds, paving flags or grass plots. There are types of asphalt rollers of 9…10 t : combined AMKODOR 6623, double-drum AMKODOR 6622B and pneumatic tire AMKODOR 6641. They are applied for different bases compaction including gravel, slag; for repair and building of roads, asphalt surfaces of industrial site and airfield. Vibrating roller has double-amplitude vibration with increased driving force which expands the roller usage sphere during compaction of all surface layers of various thicknesses which are made of different materials. Pneumatic tire rollers are able to indicate and remove not compacted spots in asphalt layer. Rollers are especially good to use after pavers and before double-drum rollers. Beside asphalt rollers Amkodor holding produces soil rollers of 12,1…16 t – AMKODOR 6712B, AMKODOR 6811. The rollers are equipped with soil compaction degree device. It is possible to install removable cam tread. The vibrating roller is designed for stabilized soil, road bases compaction, for gravel-sandy mixtures during fill constructions of rail and motor roads, during dike, dam, airfield and other soil constructions, layer-by-layer sandy, macrofragmental and loose soil compaction. Depth of compaction (active zone) is: dust-like soil – 0,35…0,5 m; sand and gravel – 0,5…0,7 m; rocky soil – 0,9…1,5 m; clay compaction with the help of cam tread – 0,3…0,6 m. For safety’s sake engine start inhibit is installed to the rollers when propel control lever is not in neutral position. The rollers are equipped with 3 brake systems: service, reserve and parking which function separately. All brake systems are run from the operator’s seat. All rollers as well as vibrating soil roller provide quick excess to the engine, hydro systems and lubrication points and filters. It simplifies operator’s work and provides machine reliability.

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