Carbon materials

Sector: Carbon Materials
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: Carbon thread - 15 kg, carbon fabric-20 kg, carbon felt-10 kg
Packaging: box
Terms of Delivery: EXW, CPT, DAP
Full Product Information:
Carbon materials that are unique in their characteristics, which are produced in the form of fabrics, tapes, threads, nonwoven materials and carbon plastics, have a set of valuable technical properties and are widely used in aerospace, defense, nuclear, heavy, chemical, energy, woodworking, food, medical and many other industries. Properties and applications of carbon materials: Properties: Heat resistance and low thermal conductivity. Application: Carbon composites for vacuum furnaces. Carbon felt for thermal insulation of high temperature furnaces. Carbon porous plates for thermal insulation of furnaces. Ablative composites. Cultivation of silicon single crystals. Production of silicon carbide products. Crucibles. Thermal screens. Safety shutters for conveyor-type furnaces. Properties: Mechanical properties (including friction and antifriction). Application: Friction bearings and friction units (carbon plastic UGET, FUT, EPAN). Friction carbon discs. Details of solid and liquid propellant rocket engines from UUKM. Power bandage for molds: molding of products from silicon carbide and zirconium. Carbon-filled polyamides and fluoroplastics (UPA, FLUVIS, SUPER-FLUVIS). UUKM fasteners for thermal units. Filler for composites. Replacement Fiber Carbon. Properties: High sorption activity Application: Filters: after-treatment of drinking water; vodka filtration; purification of food acids. Oil traps. Regeneration of galvanic solutions. Air cleaning. Protective clothing against chemical / toxic substances. Respirators, gas masks. Odor absorbers. Healing wipes for purulent wounds and burns. Ionistors (super-capacitors, or EDLC-capacitors). Properties: Conductive Properties Application: Flexible and rigid electric heaters, including high-temperature for vacuum furnaces. Warm floor. Infrared heaters. Physiotherapeutic electrodes. Heating tape. Heating cloth. Heated clothes and bedspreads. Contact brushes for electric motors. Powerful thermoelectric mats for heating concrete and pipes. Three-dimensional cathodes from felt (3D electrodes) - gold deposition. Electrochemical protection of pipelines: anodes. Properties: Biocompatibility Application: Napkins for the treatment of severe burns and purulent wounds. Artificial joints and bone prostheses from CCM. Enterosorbents. Properties: Chemical Resistance Application: Lining of pipelines and tanks. Stuffing box (packing). Properties: Low effective EMI reflection area Application: Protection of objects from detection by radars (Stealth technology); protection against unauthorized access to data. The price of carbon materials depends on the assortment.

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