Special open shears model Н1226Б

Sector: Metal Processing Equipment
Price: Contract Price
Full Product Information:
The bed of the shears is welded and mounted on wheels making it possible to easily reinstall the shears in the required service areas. The motor driven slider uses the V-belt transmission, the double-step cylindrical reduction gear and the eccentric shaft. The rest with the rule is used for cutting the measured blanks. The tools for cutting the squares, rounds, strips, angle pieces are changeable. The shears are controlled with push buttons. The biggest allowed force at the shears, Kn 400; The biggest section of the cut material having the temporary rupture resistance 500 MPa,mm round (diameter) 32; square 27х27; angle piece 70х70х6; strip 6,3х80

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Used for bending pipes and fittings in blank production shops of machine-building and repair enterprises as well as enterprises of construction industry.
Hydraulic shears with an inclined knife are designed for cutting sheet metal.
The machine is designed for outward grinding of diameters and adjoining to them faces by abrasive or el’bor borazon material wheels.