Single-action open-frame single-crank presses

Sector: Compressing Equipment
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Single-action open-frame single-crank presses – noninclinable with fixed-position table and normal table dimensions. They are designed for various cold pressing operations: punching, piercing, bending, shallow drawing, perforation and other cold pressing operations. One-piece-cast bed of high rigidity. The key advantage of the drive is its simplicity: no reduction gear. The simplicity of press design suggests its reliable operation. Presses are manufactured in 4 modifications: 01 - with an open work area and two-hand controls 02 - with an open work area, two-hand controls and an air cushion 03 - with a foot switch and a work area guard 04 - with a foot switch, a work area guard, and an air cushion. Rated force, kN - 400,630,1000

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