Hydraulic shears with an inclined knife

Sector: Metal Processing Equipment
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When cutting, the knife beam makes a rocking movement, turning around an axis having an eccentricity, which provides simplicity and convenience of adjusting the gap between the knives. The hydraulic circuit of the scissors is simple: 2 hydraulic cylinders are connected in series. Oil is squeezed out of the rod cavity of the leading hydraulic cylinder into the piston cavity of the driven hydraulic cylinder, which ensures synchronization of the hydraulic cylinders. An oil leak from the closed rod cavity of the driving cylinder and the piston cavity of the follower is automatically compensated at the end of each working stroke due to valves located in the hydraulic cylinders. The force developed by hydraulic clamps is proportional to the cutting force developed by working hydraulic cylinders. The back emphasis on scissors has an electric drive. The reference coordinate of the position of the back stop - on the digital display device. The simplicity of the design of scissors allows talking about reliability. The largest dimensions of the cut metal with a temporary resistance σv ≤ 500 MPa (50 kgf / mm2), mm thickness: NP3716 - 4; NP3718A - 6.3 width: NP3716 - 2500; NP3718A - 3150 length when working with the rear stop: NP3716 - 630; NP3718A - 630

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Used for bending pipes and fittings in blank production shops of machine-building and repair enterprises as well as enterprises of construction industry.
The shears are intended for cutting the steel shapes (rounds, strips, squares, angle pieces).
The machine is designed for outward grinding of diameters and adjoining to them faces by abrasive or el’bor borazon material wheels.