Crank shears with an inclined knife

Sector: Metal Processing Equipment
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The electrical circuit ensures the operation of the scissors in the adjustment modes and single strokes. The drive is carried out from the electric motor through V-belt transmission to the flywheel. From the flywheel, through the pneumatic brake clutch and a pair of gears, the rotation is transmitted to the eccentric shaft connected to the knife beam by connecting rods. Scissors control push-button and from the pedal. Lubrication of the shears most loaded with the mechanism is carried out by means of a centralized lubrication system, the remaining surfaces with a syringe. On scissors crank sheet with an inclined knife mod. NP3118, NP3118A, NP3121, NP3121A installed backstop with a manual drive. Indication of the stop position relative to the cutting line is carried out according to the ruler (for NP3118A by the rev counter). On scissors of crank sheets with an inclined knife with a digital display device (DRO) mod. НР3118, НР3118А backstop has an electric drive. The reference coordinate position of the back gauge is performed by the digital display device.

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Used for bending pipes and fittings in blank production shops of machine-building and repair enterprises as well as enterprises of construction industry.
The shears are intended for cutting the steel shapes (rounds, strips, squares, angle pieces).
Hydraulic shears with an inclined knife are designed for cutting sheet metal.