Corn starch

Sector: Starch
Price: 1.1 BYN
Packaging: Sacks of 30 kg, packs of 0.5 kg
Terms of Delivery: By agreement of the parties
Full Product Information:
Corn starch is taken out from corn. It is a homogeneous white powder with a yellowish tinge. It is characterized by low content of ash and protein. Corn starch is widely used in various branches of the food industry. It is used in the manufacture of sauces, fillings for pies. Starch is used as an additive in the production of bakery and confectionery products in those cases when it is necessary to weaken the gluten and to make a product softer and more tender with a simultaneous decrease in amount of sugar and fat (semi-finished biscuit, wafer cups for ice cream, cookies, baking mixes, etc.). Over-dried starch with low moisture content is used in the confectionery industry (casting soft candies and chocolate sweets corps). Corn starch is also used in canned food and paper industries, textile and other industries and in medicine. Properties of starch as a natural high-polymer compound make it possible to obtain large amount of derivatives of starch that meet the requirements of many consumers.

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