Trolleybus model 321

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Trolleybus model 321 low-floor, is a monolithic, three-door, transistor traction control system for alternating current, what allows to save up to 35% of electronic energy in comparison with trolleybuses using contactor-resistor control system. This model of trolleybuses is unique and safe due to the placement of power equipment on the roof in hermetic compartments. Passenger doors – one single-door in the front overhand, one double-door in the middle and one double-door in the rear overhand. The doors are rotary-sliding and noise-reduced, equipped with a system of emergency opening from the outside and inside. There is a protection against the clamping of passengers between the doors. The driver's cabin has its own enter. The trolleybus is equipped with the following arrangements: a ramp for an easier entrance of passengers with wheelchairs; the system of body pitch (kneeling); a place for a wheelchair, a special system for its fixation and special seats for physically challenged passengers. The trolleybus model 321 is the most popular model producing by the enterprise. In 2009 the trolleybus is considered a product of the year in Belarus, and by the designee of the competitive commission of International Autotransport Forum was considered a the best trolleybus of the year. This trolleybus successfully serves the routes in the cities of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Serbia.

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