Dry building mixes

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The debugged technological process, computer management, the reliable equipment, high culture of manufacture allow to make the dry mixes corresponding to the West European analogues. Using production of factory of dry mixes, you can: to work with qualitative mixes; to exclude necessity of acquisition of separate components for a solution and to avoid operations on their preparation; to lower industrial losses, to save materials, a place, time. The basic distinctive feature of dry mixes for a solution, building materials let out at factory, is inclusion in structure of mixes of the hydrosilicate additive of own manufacture, as partial replacement of sand. Introduction of the hydrosilicate additive to 30 % allows to raise operational properties of a material at the expense of creation of a strengthening skeleton, to reduce sedimentation capacity, to raise conductivity of steam in a solution, to lower cost, to improve solution packing, to reduce heat conductivity of a solution. All these indicators render a positive effect by manufacture of works with dry mixes of manufacture of factory.

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