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Oil Absorbent-Biodestructor AridGrow (Biodegradable, Does't Require any Collection & Disposal)

Sector: Petroleum Sorbent
Price: 40 BYN
Minimum Order: 20MT
Packaging: 20kg/50L PP bag with HDPE Liner.
Terms of Delivery: EXW, CIF, DAP.
Full Product Information:
PHOA-M (Powdered Humic Oil Absorbent - Multifunctional) - is an ecologically pure natural organic solid matter, dark-brown by colour without any smell, based on Humic Substances, allocated from Peat on special Technology. Exclusively designed for express cleaning and environmental recovery of any hydrocarbon-polluted areas on land or water. It acts for a very short period of time by quickly and fully absorbing and encapsulation within its structure of all types of hydrocarbon contaminants in an environmentally safe manner at the molecular level. Oil absorbent is a product of a deep processing of Peat: a highly oil keeping powdered matter, which is capable due to its fine structure for express cleaning and environmental recovery (up to 30 seconds and up to 40 g/g) of any types of hydrocarbon-polluted areas on land or water surface with subsequent accelerated remediation of the contaminated areas, because of further action as a sandy soil ameliorant. Used for express fixation, absorption and environmental recovery of any oil-polluted areas on land or water surface, creating a buffer zone near coast, removing thin iridescent oil films, cleaning ports, piers, breakwaters and transport equipment, surface oiled metal structures, bridges, oil tanks and greasy production facilities of automotive service and fuel stations, etc. In emergency situations to eliminate the consequences of accidents during production and transportation of any kind of hydrocarbons in the oil wells and offshore platforms, oil and fuel lines, tank farms and fuel depots, oil transfer stations, road and rail tankers, gas stations, etc. Oil absorbent have no equal analogues in the world in effectiveness of application on the water surface due to its flotation time of 24 days. There is no need in special utilization of the used absorbent (conglomerate) and no more any environmental threat, because of keeping contamination within the absorbent particles in encapsulated form, where is their gradual biodegradation goes naturally into the Water (H2O) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) not longer than 1 year. It can be used further as a sandy soil ameliorant.

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