Nylon 6 greige cord fabric

Sector: Fabrics
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1 block-package FCA Grodno
Packaging: Each bobbin is wrapped up with PE foil. Bobbins are placed onto pallets with forming a block-package. Each layer is strapped. Block-packages are stretch-foiled. Standard block-packages are arranged on pallets 1200x1000 mm.
Terms of Delivery: FCA, CFR, DAP
Full Product Information:
The product is used in tyre industry as reinforcing material for manufacturing pneumatic tyres. Price: is formed in accordance with the current market situation of the CIS countries, Europe, Asia. Our pricing policy takes into consideration the prices of competitors and such pricing factors as the volume of supply, payment terms, delivery costs, customs duties, etc.

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We manufacture grey, bleached, uni-dyed and printed fabrics of different weight and width. They are presented by the following groups: - for bed linen (sheeting, poplin, sateen, jacquard sateen, flann...
Technical fabrics are resistant to chemical and mechanical impact, do not break when bent, they are resistant to solar radiation and precipitation.
Width: 150 cm Surface density: 150-200 g / m2.