Сlimatic Tests and Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests

Categories of Services: Certification, metrology & control
Price: Contract Price
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In accordance with the accreditation scope, the division performs climatic tests and electromagnetic compatibility tests of the following objects: security and fire alarm equipment; automation aids and computer equipment; security alarm electro-optical passive and acoustic alarms; security and fire receiving and testing devices; electric, magnetic and shock contact alarms; microphone sensors of glass fracture; sound-and-light alarms; ultrasound security alarms for indoor installation; multiple-purpose security alarms; radio-stations for land mobile units; automotive electric equipment; technical external devices for use in automated traffic control systems; BDKL-M, BDKL-M1 road controllers; fire alarm systems; medical devices and equipment; radio-electronic equipment for common use; radio-navigation aids (user’s navigation equipment); the UAS ground control unit, UAS ground control station.