Категория услуг: Metalworking & manufacturing of details
Price: 111 USD
Full Service Information:
• Milling (vertical milling, horizontal milling, CNC milling, Private milling). • Turning works (automata- turning, turning-CNC, Turning screw-cutting, turning turret, private lathe work). • Gear treatment (gear shaping, gear hobbing). • Drilling (vertical-drihing, coordinate-drilling, radial-drilling). • Planing treatment (planing). • Boring work(coordinate boring). • Grinding (surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, drinding without center, intragrinding) • Cutting of the metal. Bending of metal (rolling of sheet, bending of sheet). • Manufacturing and design of dies and molds • Metal cutting (rebar, round, sheet). • Stamping. Cut processing. Tool sharpening (sharpening special tools). • Electrical discharge machining (Burning using machine taps, drills, pins). • Heat treatment (Through hardening, HDTV, cementation). • Shot peening. • Metal Welding • Powder coating, Painting with liquid paint. • Production of metal structures on individual orders.

Another services from the category "Industrial technologies"

OJSC “AGAT – Control Systems” manufactures single- and double-sided printed-circuit boards by means of subtractive process (mainly in small batches).
OJSC “AGAT – Control Systems” performs works on powder painting and polymeric coating of articles and metal structures.