Engineering geological surveying

Categories of Services: Survey & Planning Works
Price: Contract Price
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The University implements the following types of activities: - Stating reasons for deformation of engineering constructions (industrial, civil multistorey and mansion types of buildings, linear highways and railways, conduit pipes of any types, power supply lines, ponds, water storages, etc.); - Reasoning and organization of network of local monitoring of underground and surface water industrial and agricultural resources (included resources located on the territories of industrial and human wastes); - Activities of washing and selection of samples in local monitoring of underground and surface water resources; - Methodological guideline and maintenance of local monitoring of underground and surface water resources; - Evaluation of influence of projecting and functioning economic objects on environment; - Writing of scientific production reports, expert evaluations, reasoning and recommendations on the basis of researches results; - Vertical electrical sounding, electrical profiling, method of natural current with application of electrical survey complex «ЭРА-МАХ». - Separating of upper layer of geological sections by electrical properties; - Detection of zones of high corrosive activity of grounds; - Detection of rocks affected by various pollutants (oil products, etc.); - Detection of locations and depth of groundings.

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