Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel - Preparatory Department for Foreign Nationals

Категория услуг: Education services
Price: 1860 USD
Full Service Information:
The Preparatory Department of the Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel provides the international students that wish to study at our University with the outstanding possibility of initial adaptation to the University studies. Our advantages include: - Qualified teachers; -The most advanced methods of teaching; - Acceptable fees; - Belarus in itself - a peaceful country inhabited by friendly and hospitable people. The Preparatory Department students study Russian language as the language of communication and instruction and also additional subjects of economic or technical profile (at the student’s choice depending on the speciality of further studying). Studying at the Preparatory Department is completed with the Final Examinations, following which the student can enroll in first year of studying in the speciality selected. Time period of application to Preparatory Department is not limited (the groups are formed on the basis of the number of applications). Time period of studying is 10 months, tuition fee is 1800 USD for the whole period of studying.