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The technological laboratory for quality control of drinking water is accredited in the accreditation system of the Republic of Belarus (Accreditation certificate No. BY / 11202.2.0.3810). Objects of analytical laboratory control: • Drinking water of centralized water supply systems; • Drinking water of non-centralized water supply (mine wells); • Drinking water packaged in tanks; • Distilled water. The water quality of centralized water supply systems is controlled by 37 indices, non-centralized water supply systems – by 12 indices, drinking water packaged in tanks – by 31 indices, distilled water – by 14 indices. Basic methods of sample analysis: photometric, instrumental, potentiometric, voltammetric, thyrometric, gravimetric. Laboratory for quality control of drinking water provides services (upon indices included in the sphere of laboratory accreditation) on a contractual basis for manufacturers of drinking water packaged in tanks, for individuals, for enterprises and organizations that do not have their own base for water control.

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