Products manufacture according to customers’ drawings

Categories of Services: Metalworking & manufacturing of details
Price: Contract Price
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The following products can be distinguished among the non-standard equipment, produced by our company: • tanks of various modifications made of polymer materials and stainless steel; • Shaped products made of polyethylene for water supply and sewerage of any diameter and non-standard configurations (according to the customer’s drawings) with operating pressure up to 10 kg/cm3: elbow bends, T-bends, cross pipes, stands for fire hydrants, etc.; • metal constructions according to the customer’s drawings; • water towers with volume up to 50 m3; • chimneys The company also provides the following services: • hydroabrasive and plasma cutting of metals and other sheet materials (including polymer sheet, granite, glass); • forming of sheet material, extrusions and cylindrical surfaces; • shot blast cleaning of surfaces; • nonferrous welding in argon Modern equipment of workshops, highly trained staff, continuous improvement and optimization of process operations allow to implement the most non-standard requirements of our customers.

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