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Directions of sociological researches: -Research and development of sustainable social economic development at regional, district and city levels; -Analysis of activities of both local governmental and self-governmental regional authorities; -Analysis of small and medium business at regional, district and city levels; Evaluation of population`s electoral activities; - Evaluation of services in sphere of education and educational mobility of population; - Evaluation of services in cultural and spiritual life of population; - Evaluation of population`s religious activities - Marketing researches in tourism; - Research and development of cluster model of farm tourism, at regional, district and local territory levels; - Development of agri- and ecotourism strategy at regional, district, local touristic destination levels; - Analysis of population social servicing at regional, district and city levels; - Evaluation by population of level of living conditions, housing and utilities services, attitude towards improvements in housing sphere; - Other services as agreed upon with a customer.