Testing of furniture and wood products

Sector: Certification, metrology & control
Price: 10 BYN
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The testing Department of furniture and products n/of the RUE "Slutsk CSMC" tests: 1) on conformity to requirements of TR CU 025/2012 "On safety of furniture products" all types of furniture products for mechanical, chemical, fire, electrical safety. The tests are carried out on a national (STB), interstate (GOST, GOST R), international (ISO), European (EN) standards and technical specifications; 2) plywood, particleboard, fibreboard, including for compliance with the requirements of EN 312 EN 622, EN13986; 3) building materials and products subject to confirmation of compliance with the safety requirements of TR 2009/013/BY "Buildings and constructions, building materials and products. Security"; 4) furniture fittings; 5) timber, joinery, glued connections etc. The competence of the Department is confirmed by the accreditation certificate №BY/ Contact information: tel.(+3751795) 55758, (+3751795) 25359, t Fax (+3751795) 46866, e-mail: oimby@yandex.ru

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