Institute for Retraining and Professional Development

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The activities of the Institute are carried out along the following three lines: retraining programs for managerial personnel and professionals; professional development courses for managerial personnel and professionals; customized professional development courses. Retraining Programs (extramural attendance): Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances, Materials and Goods, Chemical Technology of Binders and Binder-Based Building Materials, Technology of Elastomers Processing, Forestry, Forest Science and Silviculture, Hunting Control and Accessory Utilization of Forest Resources, Mechanical Technology of Wood and Manufacture of Wooden Building Products, Health and Safety in Forestry and Wooden Articles Manufacture, Technology of Furniture Production, Design of Furniture and Interior, Labour Economics, Marketing. Term of study ranges from 19 to 24 months depending on the program chosen. Professional Development Courses (full-time attendance): Modern Landscaping, Trade Management in Building Companies, HACCP-based Safety Management, Modern Technology of Monomers Production, Modern Technology of Polyamide-based Articles, Modern Techniques for Elastomer Compounds Analysis, Tire Production, Environmental Biotechnology, Building Materials Production, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Current Challenges in Modern Economy and Statistics, Furniture Design, Automation of Technology and Production. The short-term courses run for 1-2 weeks depending on the program chosen. Customized Professional Development Courses (full-time attendance): Communications, Law, Economics, Management, Industrial Management, Engineering Equipment, Power Engineering, Forest Industry, Automation, Chemical Industry, Printing Industry, Quality Assurance, Environmental Protection, Agriculture and Forestry, Landscaping The short-term courses run for 1-2 weeks depending on the program chosen. The courses can be tailor-made to meet the customer’s requirements as well as organized at customer company’s premises.