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Adjustment of thermal mechanical equipment

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Starting-up and adjustment works, regime-adjustment works, tests, adjustment: - Thermo-mechanical equipment of turbine and boiler plants of power plants and heating boilers; - chemical water treatment equipment; - Instrumentation and A; - heating networks. • Adjustment and testing of automatic control systems for turbines, vibration testing, vibration adjustment, vibration monitoring, balancing operations on turbo-generators and auxiliary equipment. • Development of design estimates and design documentation for the reconstruction, modernization of steam and hot water boilers, including instrumentation and A; replacement of steam pipelines, reconstruction of vessels operating under pressure. • Development of operating instructions and operational diagrams for power plant equipment. • Performing physical and chemical analyzes of water, oils, ion-exchange materials, fuel, deposits on the surfaces of thermal mechanical equipment. • Start-up and adjustment works on water treatment plants "on a turn-key basis" and water-chemical regime. • Adjustment of the support-suspension system of steam and water pipelines, calculation for strength and self-compensation.

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