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Repair of electrical equipment

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Diagnostics, overhaul with rewinding of windings and testing of transformers of I-III dimensions; Installation, overhaul and testing of IV-VI transformers at the installation site; Installation, repair, adjustment and testing of switches of type РС, РНТ, РНОА; Drying, degassing, regeneration and cleaning of mechanical impurities of transformer oils; Overhaul with rewinding of windings, tests and gospery of measuring voltage transformers 35 kV; Installation, repair and adjustment of air switches of series ВВ, ВВБ, ВВД 110-330 кВ; Repair of turbogenerators with a capacity from 1.5 to 500 MW; Repair of hydro generators with a capacity of up to 5 MW; Repair of AC and DC electric motors; Re-insulation of stator winding rods of generators up to 30 MW with thermosetting insulation; Manufacture of segments of the sub-bonded insulation of the winding of the rotors of the turbogenerators T2-6-2, T2-25-2, TVS-30, TV-60-2, TVF-60-2, TVF-63-2, TVF-100-2, TVF-120 -2, TVV-165-2, TVV-320-2; Re-insulation of sleeves of contact rings of generators with a capacity of 360 MW.

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