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Control and research of metal and welding

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The inter-system laboratory of metal control and welding of the "Engineering Center" branch performs the following works: • technical diagnostics of technical devices, equipment, subordinate to the State Supervision Service of the Republic of Belarus: - steam and hot water of all types; - vessels of all groups working under pressure; - Steam and hot water pipelines of all categories. - steel tanks for storage of oil, oil products, explosive, toxic and highly toxic products, storage tanks for alcohol; - technological equipment of TPP, HPP (turbines, generators, etc.); • development of technical diagnostic programs with subsequent coordination in accordance with the established procedure; analysis of the results of technical diagnostics with the definition of the possibility, parameters and the assigned resource (the appointed lifetime) and the formulation of an expert opinion; • determination of individual and residual resources of steam turbines, elements of steam pipelines, boilers; • visual, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, capillary, eddy current testing, measurement of hardness of base metal and welded joints; • measurement of wall thickness with ultrasound; • Spectral and chemical analysis of metal; • mechanical tests of base metal and welded joints at low, ambient and elevated temperatures; metallographic studies of base metal and welded joints; • tests for intergranular corrosion; • Determination of the heat resistance of steel and observation of its change; • Determination of the microdamage of steel; • Assessment of the critical temperature of brittleness of metals and alloys • Determination of the causes of damage to elements of pipelines, boilers, etc .; • restoration (addition) of the certificate data of metal products.

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