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Learning programs for international students

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BSTU is a modern prestigious and dynamically developing educational and research innovative centre of Belarus with old traditions. The University houses 10 faculties, 5 colleges, 51 departments, 15 R&D laboratories, research and educational centres, PhD and post-doc courses. The teaching staff comprises 630 lecturers, over 460 of them having scientific ranks and degrees. The teaching process is carried out in Russian and English. Our graduates are granted university diploma which makes them highly competitive in the labour market of Belarus, CIS and EU countries. The University is located in the centre of Minsk, the capital of Belarus. University campus houses 6 modern academic buildings, 5 student dormitories, a sports complex, 2 stadiums, a health centre, a library, a language training centre. We welcome you to become our students! BSTU diploma does not require any nostrification in other countries.

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Foreign students are seated in a comfortable campus hostel.