Centre for Physical and Chemical Investigation Methods of BSTU

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The Centre of Physical and Chemical Investigation Methods is equipped with modern research apparatus and devices of the world’s best manufacturers of analytical equipment. The scope of research methods used in the laboratories makes it possible to study complex objects and to solve urgent scientific problems. The following methods of investigation are applied in the Centre of Physical and Chemical Investigation Methods: • absolute molecular weight determination by static light scattering; • atomic-absorption spectroscopy; • high performance liquid chromatography and massspectroscopy; • gas chromatography; • FT-IR spectroscopy and Microscopy; • investigation of the surface area and porosity; • transmission electron microscope; • particle size determination by photon correlation spectroscopy; • scanning electron microscope with chemical microanalysis; • thermo gravimetric analysis and differential scanning calorimetry; • zeta-potential determination by electrophoretic light scattering; • X-ray diffraction analysis; • X-ray fluorescence element analysis.