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Training of specialists at the 1st step of higher education

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Price: from 1200 to 2520 USD
Full Service Information:
The University gives an opportunity to study at 13 faculties and 34 specialities on the full-time study programme and 21 specialities of the part-time programme. Training is conducted in Russian and English. 1st step of higher education specialities:“Biology (Scientific Production Activity)”, “Forestry”, “geography (Scientific and Pedagogical Activity)”, “Geology, search and exploration of oil and gas fields”, “Geoecology”, “Foreign languages (English, German)”, “Foreign languages (English, French)”, “Foreign languages (German, English)”, “Foreign languages (English)”, “Foreign languages (German)”, “History (National and World)”, Museum Studies and Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage (majors in)”, “Mathematics (Scientific Pedagogical Activity)”, “Applied Mathematics (majors in)”, “Economic Cybernetics (Mathematical Methods and Computer Modelling in Economics)”, “Information Technologies Software Support”, ““Informatics and programming technologies”, “Social Work (Social and psychological Activities)”, “Social Pedagogy”, “Psychology”, “Physics (majors in)”, “Physical Electronics”, “Computer physics”, “Electronic Security Systems”, “Programming of mobile systems”, “Automated Systems of Data Processing”, “Physical culture”, “Belarusian Philology (majors in)”, “Russian Philology (majors in)”, “Global Economics”, “Finance and Credit”, “Economics and Business Management”, “Accounting, Analysis and Audit (majors in)”, “Commercial Activity”, “Public Administration”, “Jurisprudence”.

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