Institute of qualification upgrading and staff-retraining

Categories of Services: Education Services
Price: from 600 to 1000 USD
Full Service Information:
Institute of qualification upgrading and staff-retraining provides upgrading programmes in 4 profiles and 6 directions for staff with higher education; upgrading programmes in 5 profiles and 9 directions for staff with specialized advanced and higher education and retraining programmes for staff with higher education in 29 specialities: «Web-design and computer graphics», «Anti-crisis enterprise management», «Banking», «Accountancy and industry control», «Public administration and local management», «Public administration and ideology», «Foreign language (English)», «Integrated training and education in school system», «Sylviculture and forestry», «Forest hunting range and harvesting of minor forest products», «Logistics», «Tourism industry management», «Tourism organization management», «Management of Pre-School and Secondary Education, Additional Education for Children and Adolescents», «Physical culture», «Professional pedagogical activity», «Jurisprudence», «Practical psychology», «Information Technologies Software Support», «Professional guidance of youth», «Psychology of management», «Development and operation of oil and gas fields», «Modern foreign language (foreign economic activity)», «Social pedagogics», «Social work», «Transfer of technologies», «Staff management», «Ecological management», «Economics and management at the industrial enterprise». Training is conducted in Russian.

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Foreign students are seated in a comfortable campus hostel.