Master's Degree Programs

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Price: 2400 USD
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The Belarusian-Russian University offers the foreign citizens Master's Degree Programs for economic and technical specialities (for those who have a higher education at the bachelor or expert level). The period of education is from 1 to 2 years. System analysis, management and information processing (by industry) is taught in English. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS Economics; Innovative Technologies in Mechanical Engineering (Transport, Mining and Construction Engineering); Innovative Technologies in Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Engineering and Machine Science); Innovative Technologies in Mechanical Engineering (Processing of Construction Materials in Mechanical Engineering); Transport; Instrument Making; System Analysis, Management and Information Processing (by industry); Electric Power and Electrical Engineering; Civil Engineering. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION: Land, Transport and Technological Systems; Management.

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Foreign students are seated in a comfortable campus hostel.