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ACCREDITED SPECIALTIES OF THE FIRST STAGE OF HIGHER EDUCATION The school of international business communication: *Linguistic Provision of Intercultural Communication (with various specializations). The institute of social-liberal education: *Psychology. *Sociology. *Political Science (different directions). The school of law: *Law. The school of international economic relations: *Economic Theory. *Economics. *World Economy. *Business Administration. The school of finance and banking: *Finance and Credit. *Accounting, Analysis and Auditing (different directions). The school of accounting and economics: *Accounting, Analysis and Auditing (different directions). *Statistics. The school of management: *Enterprise Economics and Management. *Economic Informatics. *State Management. *Management (different directions). *Economic Cybernetics (different directions). * National Economics The faculty of commerce and tourism industry: *Merchandise and Expert Examination of Goods. *Commercial Activities. * Merchandise and Commercial business. * Economics and Management on the Property Market. *Economics and Management of Tourism. The school of marketing and logistics: *Marketing. *Logistics.* Advertising. ACCREDITED MAJORS OF THE SECOND STAGE OF HIGHER EDUCATION The educational program, which forms the knowledge and skills of scientific and educational and research work: *Philosophy. *Political Science. *Legal Science. *Economic Theory. *World Economy. *Finance, Monetary Circulation and Credit. *Economics and Management of National Economy. *Accounting and Statistics. *Technology and Merchandising of Foodstuff, Functional and Special Purpose Food and Catering. *Merchandise, Expert Examination and Safety of Non-foods and Raw Materials. *Mathematical and Tool Methods of Economy. Educational program with advanced training: *Business activities enforceability. *Legal regulation of foreign trade *Economy. *The global economy. *Finance and Credit. *Economics and Management. *Statistics. *Accounting, Analysis and Auditing. *Master’s program "International Accounting" in English, *Merchandising and Expert Examination of Goods. *Business. *Economic Informatics. *Economics and Management of Tourism. *Marketing (master degree program in marketing "Event Marketing" in English). *Logistics. * Business Administration (in Russian and English). *International Economics and Trade Policy (in English).

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Foreign students are seated in a comfortable campus hostel.