Categories of Services: Electroplating
Price: Contract Price
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1. Application of protective coatings: - galvanizing with chrome plating of steel - chemical steel oxidation; - Anodic oxidation of aluminum and its alloys without coloring and with coloring in black. 2. Application of protective and decorative coatings: - application of brilliant and matte steel, copper and its alloys; - electrochemical polishing of stainless steel. 3. Application of functional coatings: - tin shiny steel; - application of a tin-bismuth alloy on parts of steel, copper and its alloys; - chemical oxide electrical insulating coating of aluminum and its alloys.

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ОАО «АГАТ-системы управления» выполняет работы по окраске изделий и конструкций из металлов порошковыми красками для получения полимерного покрытия.
At factory there is an equipment for drawing of a powder covering by paints according to catalogue RALL.
JSC "REMIZ" offers services in welding of any metal designs.