Moulding of aluminum alloys

Categories of Services: Pressure Die-casting
Price: Contract Price
Full Service Information:
OJSC Vityas carries out licensed work on the workpiece and partsmanufacture from aluminum and alloys based on it by injection molding, as well as the design and manufacture of molds. The moulding section is equipped with injection molding machines mod. 711A07; mod. 711A08; CLPO 160/25-B2, CLPO 400-55. - maximum locking force - 250 t; - casting projection area: the smallest - 80 cm2; the largest - 590 cm2; - maximum stroke of the hydraulic ejector - 100 mm; - smallest dimensions of the mold: 320 × 320 mm; - the maximum distance between the columns of the machine 530 × 530 mm; - the maximum mass of the mould is 3.5 kg. The technology for the production of aluminum molds at OJSC Vityas ensures their compliance with the requirements: - to the chemical composition and mechanical properties - according to GOST 1583-93; - to the accuracy of geometric parameters and weight - according to GOST 26645-85. Moulding is carried out in customer molds. If you do not have your own molds, we are ready to produce them according to your drawings using modern equipment in a short time with high quality.

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