Plastic moulding

Categories of Services: Plastics Casting & Blow Moulding
Price: Contract Price
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For many years, moulding manufacture at Vityas has been producing the most diverse plastic molding products for the needs of the enterprise and customers. The guarantors of high quality are the accumulated experience in the production of high-tech plastic products and components, proven technologies and know-how, as well as equipping the latest models of thermoplastic machines from Ergotech, Sintesi and JW companies with a clamping force of 60-2000 tons, and additional equipment (thermostats, dryers, crushers and others). Plastic mouldings is performed on thermoplastic machines with a locking force of 25 to 120 tons (casting volume from 40 to 192 cm3) and 850 to 2000 tons (casting volume from 3769 to 9954 cm3). A total of 43 different thermoplastic automatic machines are involved, allowing the manufacture of products from a wide range of polymeric materials. The maximum size of the product that they can manufacture is 1200 × 800 mm. Product weight - from 1 gram to 10 kilograms.

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