Categories of Services: Metalworking & Manufacturing of Details
Price: Contract Price
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The metalworking production at OJSC Vityas has the equipment to perform a wide range of technological operations. Heat treatment (hardering, water tempering, annealing, normalization) in chamber and shaft electric furnaces of all types of technological equipment made of carbon and alloyed tool steels. Chemical-thermal treatment (cementation and nitriding). Heat treatment with high frequency currents. Three-axis milling on CNC machines according to control programs developed in the UNIGHRAPHICS system. Electroerosive processing (flashing with an electrode, wire-cutting) on CNC machines. Jig-boring on vertical and 2-spindle gantry type machines with OSU. Grinding flat, round, coordinate, and profile on optical grinding machines. Sharpening of cutting tools and circular saws on universal grinding machines. Turning on universal machines and machine tools with OSU. Milling on machines with OSU. Drilling on vertical and radial drilling machines. Electrochemical chromium plating of forming parts of equipment.

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