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School of culinary arts. Belarusian cuisine

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Price: 300 USD
Full Service Information:
JUNE-AUGUST Day 1 Arrival to Minsk. The Participants are met in Minsk and transferred by beis to Mogilev The acquaintance meeting and dinner in Mogilev Day 2 Welcome speech at the Mogilev State University of Food Technologies. Tour around Mogilev State University of Food Technologies. Lecture " Belarus is ...“ Excursion " Mogilev. Past and present“ Joint dinner with a tour on the industrial premises of the Mogilev State University of Food Technologies dining room. Day 3 Lecture " Belarusian cuisine. Yesterday. Presently. Tomorrow» Tasting "the Belarusian meats" (Sausages and dairy products) Excursion to the ethno-village and the city of masters (zoo) Dinner at the restaurant "Korchma" with a tour on the production facilities Day 4 Lecture "Belarusian potato-national brand» Cooking and tasting of potato dishes The tour on the Agriturismo "Gostiny Dvor" (the hunting menu) Day 5 ЛLecture " Belarusian national dishes: Vereshchaka, pancakes» Preparation and tasting Excursion to the caves suburb. Day 6 Youth camp Chechevichi: Cooking on an open fire Belarusian folklore (songs, dances and games) Boat trip on the reservoir Songs have at fire Day 7 Youth camp Chechevichi: fishing Cooking fish on an open fire Sports competition Day 8 a Lecture "Modern Belarusian cuisine» Preparation and tasting of the Belarusian potato pancakes in a modern author the flow Tour on the estate "Szlacheckie fun» Preparation and tasting of Belarusian dishes in the Russian oven Dinner, songs and divination Day 9 guests and Belarusians prepare their national dishes Round table: discussion of results with summing up, presentation of certificates. Day 10 Departure from Minsk The cost of one participant: $300 for two weeks (a group of at least 5 people) ADDITIONALLY PAY: • air flight; • the company's services on the organization of transfers (airport-Mogilev airport); • registration fee (Փ $12); • medical insurance (Փ 25 $);

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