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Repair of pumping units and stations

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We have more than 8 years of experience in the field of pump maintenance and provide complete in-house solutions, offering both on-site service and on-site customer service, as well as a first-class repair and assembly workshop for a wide range of industrial and commercial pump installations and equipment used today. This allows us to guarantee a level of quality and service at a competitive, competitive price. We carry out pump maintenance work in a wide range of industries, including food production, power plants, chemical and petrochemical processing, as well as in waste management and processing enterprises. PUMPTECH has a special permit (license) for the right to carry out activities in the field of industrial safety, the list of works and services of which includes the operation of hazardous industrial facilities, installation and commissioning of technical devices used at hazardous industrial facilities. PUMPTECH is an official service center: Grundfos, Argal and Varisco, as well as a partner of more than a dozen global manufacturers. PUMPTECH divisions have the most modern equipment and tools, as well as highly qualified specialists with extensive experience, which makes it possible to carry out repairs of any complexity.

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