Surgeon services

Categories of Services: Medical Services
Price: from 3.15 to 50 BYN
Full Service Information:
"Medical Initiative" offers a number of services of a surgeon: - consultation, - biopsy; - electroradiocoagulation; - puncture of joints, intra-articular (IA) drug delivery; - wide excision of skin tumors, tumors of soft tissues and subcutaneous tissue. - removal of benign skin neoplasms with a scalpel. - removal of an ingrown toenail. - imposition, removal of stitches.

Another services from the category "Medical Services"

Provides the following paid services: -Diagnostic studies -Consultations of medical specialists -Providing medical services to foreign citizens -Provision of comfortable chambers Advisory, diagnostic ...
Computed tomography of the thoracic cavity organs.
Consultations of medical specialists with therapeutic and surgical profiles (for foreign citizens).