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Panoramic measuring devices of VSWR and attenuation (scalar network analyzers)

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Detailed information about the technology:
The scalar network analyzers IS DESIGNED to measure induced loss, amplification, return loss, and VSWR; to provide the metrology support during production, test, and adjustment of active and passive microwave devices (such as amplifiers, mixers, multiplexers, attenuators, filters, power drivers, etc.). APPLICATION: communication, electronics and microelectronics, instrument engineering, radar engineering and radio navigation. Automated measurement of transmission and reflection coefficients (S11 and S21) with digital readout of measurable values and reproduction of their frequency responses on the VNA display. The terminal-type devices, such as two-pole circuits, or open-end devices, such as four-pole circuits, can be used as the devices under measurements. The VNA can be used both in laboratory and shop-floor conditions to measure S-parameters and adjust microwave devices. The VNA is based on the «client-server» technology using Ethernet interface, which allows integrating the analyze to computer-aided measuring systems and performing remote calibration. The VNA is designed for use in laboratory conditions to measure S-parameters and adjust microwave devices with a standard size of the waveguide circuit. The measuring system demonstrates its full performance in compliance with the standards as the operating mode set-up time of 15 minutes, is over. The continuous operation time is 16 hrs. Advantages: the system can be easily linked to peripherals using computer interfaces such as Ethernet and RS-232. CONTACT: Research and Development Department BSUIR, e-mail: science@bsuir.by, website: science.bsuir.by, phone: +375 17 293 80 55

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