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Ultrasonic bath is designed for processing of liquids and liquid-like media in ultrasonic fields, as well as of solid surfaces in liquids when exposed to ultrasound. Ultrasonic bath can be used for obtaining suspensions (including suspensions of nanoparticles) or emulsions from different substances; cleaning of small spare parts from mechanical dirt; extraction and dispersion. APPLICATION AREA: Chemistry, sonochemistry, Medicine, Industrial technologies. OPERATION PRINCIPLE The bath encompasses a capacity with radiators and a generator. Radiators are fixed to the bath bottom through explosive welding, which ensures resistance to mechanical stress, 10 times increase of lifetime, use of higher ultrasound intensities, capability to operate under high liquid temperature. The operation principle of the bath is as follows: piezoelectric radiators convert electrical oscillations generated by the transistor generator to elastic mechanical oscillations of a corresponding frequency. These oscillations are transmitted to the working medium through the bath bottom. The influence on physical-chemical processes in liquids occurs mainly due to secondary acoustic effects – cavitation and acoustic flows. CONTACT: Research and Development Department BSUIR, e-mail: science@bsuir.by, website: science.bsuir.by, phone: +375 17 293 80 55

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