"Deposition" software system

Categories of Technologies: Radio-electronic equipment
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Detailed information about the technology:
"DEPOSITION" software system is designed for calculation of deposition rate and film thickness distribution at magnetron sputtering for varuious configurations of sputtering areas of magnetron sputtering systems and substrate movement systems. SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION: The system includes mathematical models of the following deposition processes: fixed sputtering with the use of axial or extended magnetron sputtering system; magnetron deposition on roll and large substrates at linear movement in deposition area; magnetron deposition on substrates positioned on a rotatable drum substrate holder with the magnetron situated inside and outside of the substrate holder; magnetron deposition on the rotatory substrates and the substrates positioned on the planetary type substrate holder; prediction model of elemental composition of the films deposited at mosaic target magnetron sputtering with optional positioning of inserts from other materials. The program consists of database of physical properties of sputtered materials. Operating system is the Microsoft operating system family. "DEPOSITION" software system is registered in the National Center of Intellectual Property of the Republic of Belarus (certificate N736 dated 19.02.2015). ADVANTAGES: quick calculation of deposition rate distribution profiles for axial and extended magnetrons, magnetrons with several sputtering areas with a camera of different geometry and methods of substrate movement; availability of the majority of the main magnetron sputtering process configurations used in scientific research and industry, and a possibility to extend them upon customer's request.

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